Brendan Haywood: Coming to a Radio Station Near You

by August 06, 2009

Brendan, who’s also an active and entertaining blogger, is taking his act to the airwaves: “Paired with Lou Holder, Haywood will welcome guests (Darius Songaila is confirmed), field fan calls and put on a legitimate D.C. sports-talk radio show. Which means, of course, he’ll be talking about a certain team that doesn’t wear blue. ‘With it being August, if you’re doing a radio show and you’re in D.C., you’ve got to address to the Redskins,’ he said. ‘You’ve got to talk about Jason Campbell and the offseason he went through, with the trade talk and this and that. You have to talk about Clinton Portis and how he’s gonna rush this year and what a big part of the offense he is. You have to talk about is the defense gonna be that much better with the additions of Albert Haynesworth and [Brian] Orakpo. You have to know all these things, and I stay on it, I stay current. If you’re gonna be in this business, you have to know more than just basketball, you have to know more than the world outside your windows.”‘