Brandon Jennings Has Lofty Goals for Next Season

by August 13, 2010

Jennings tells the Journal Sentinel about his aspirations for the upcoming season: “On Thursday, Jennings found it hard to believe when rap star Ludacris simply dropped in for a few minutes during the opening day of the player’s three-day youth basketball camp at Homestead High School. But Jennings already is focusing a bit on the Bucks’ prospects for the coming season and setting some goals of his own. ‘This year I’m working hard to come back,’ Jennings said. ‘I want to be a double-double guy. I feel like with the talent we have I can be that. All-star weekend is in Los Angeles, and that is a goal to be an all-star. Win 50 games, win the Central Division and get out of the first round and see what happens.'”