Brandon Jennings Not Guaranteed Starting Job in Detroit

by August 08, 2013

While everyone laughed off Chauncey Billups’ claim that he should be the starting point guard for the Detroit Pistons, it turns out that the matter isn’t so laughable. At least, not to Brandon Jennings. There are guarantees about who will start at the point for the Pistons next season. Per MLive: “While Jennings is as close to a lock as there is to open the season running the Pistons offense, the team does have four point guards on the roster with Chauncey Billups, Will Bynum and rookie Peyton Siva also under contract. And all of them would like to be the starter, too. In fact, when Billups signed in Detroit, he said he was returning to the Pistons to be their starting point guard. ‘So did Will Bynum, so did Peyton Siva, so did Brandon Jennings. They all told me that when they signed,’ president of basketball operations Joe Dumars said with a laugh. ‘I was like, ‘Yeah, you are. You right, bro. I said that to all of them. ‘You right, bro.’ So what’s the truth? That decision will be up to new coach Maurice Cheeks and he hasn’t committed to anyone yet, according to Dumars. ‘I don’t know yet,’ Dumars said Tuesday after introducing Jennings in a news conference at The Palace. ‘I can tell you what Mo has told every guy from Chauncey to Brandon to every guy. He said, ‘Look, come in and earn it. I’m going to give it to whoever earns it.’ He said that to every single guy. He said, ‘Joe I’m not going to put myself in a trick box where I’m committing myself to something and it doesn’t play out.’ So, he’s kept it wide open. He said, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ That’s exactly what he said. That’s exactly how it’s going to be.’ Dumars also said no decision has been made as to who will be the starter at shooting guard.”