Brandon Jennings Open to Extension With Bucks ‘If Everything is Right’

by June 25, 2012

If the terms of the deal are to his liking, Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings would be happy to stay in Milwaukee for the long haul. Reports the Journal Times: “Jennings, the Bucks’ starting point guard since his rookie season three years ago, is eligible for a contract extension July 1. If he chose to reject an extension offer from the Bucks, Jennings would become a restricted free agent after next season and an unrestricted free agent the following season. There are some NBA observers who believe Jennings will reject an extension and inevitably leave Milwaukee. Of course, those perceptions are based primarily on comments made by Jennings himself earlier this season. That’s when Jennings hinted he wasn’t content in Milwaukee and that he might want to showcase his talents in a city with more glitz and glamour. Said Jennings at the time: ‘I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up. I’m doing my homework on big-market teams.’ But Jennings has since become more favorable about remaining with the Bucks, who took a gamble on him by making him the 10th overall selection in the 2009 NBA draft. Asked if he wants to sign an extension with the Bucks, Jennings said, ‘If everything is right, why not? If my agent (Bill Duffy) comes back and says this is what we should do, I’m going to do it.’ […] He seems to found his niche. Asked if he enjoys being a Buck, Jennings said, ‘Oh, yeah, of course. I’ve been the starting guard here for three years.’ Jennings was also asked if he could envision himself becoming the face of the Bucks’ franchise, and if he wants to take on that role? ‘Yes, I would,” Jennings said. ‘At the end of the day, it’s an NBA team. If you asked any guy in the NBA, would you like to be the face of a franchise, I’m sure 80 percent of them would say yes, no matter where they are.'”