Brandon Jennings Reportedly Seeks Deal in $48-50 Million Range

by July 30, 2013

Point guard Brandon Jennings remains one of the biggest question marks this summer, having so fan been unable to secure a new contract. He’s reportedly looking for a deal in the $11-12 million/year range, but the Milwaukee Bucks are clearly not on the same page. Per HoopsWorld: “The big unknown for the Bucks is the future of their point guard position, and while the Bucks say they’d like to get a new deal done with restricted free agent Brandon Jennings, neither side seems to be closing in on an agreement. The Bucks did issue an offer sheet to Hawks guard Jeff Teague, but Atlanta matched that offer. Bucks sources said the Teague deal was a genuine attempt at securing a guard they really felt fit the team, but it is also clear that Teague at $8 million per season was a big motivator in that offer. Word is that Brandon Jennings’ camp is seeking a deal in the neighborhood of what Jennings’s peers like Stephen Curry, Ty Lawson and Jrue Holiday got last summer, which would be in the $11 to $12 million range and that seems to be a number Milwaukee is unwilling to entertain. Bucks sources were adamant that re-signing Jennings was something they were very open to doing, but it has to be at a price that works for them. Milwaukee issued Jennings a $4.53 million Qualifying Offer to make him a restricted free agent, so they can match anything Jennings is offered by another team. […] Only the Philadelphia 76ers have any meaningful cap space. The 76ers are sitting on $16.1 million in possible space; Milwaukee is next at just under $8 million, with no other team being able to offer more than an exception-based deal to Jennings, giving Milwaukee all kinds of leverage. Sources close to the process say Jennings has strongly considered picking up his Qualifying Offer and hitting unrestricted free agency next year. If Jennings goes the ‘pick up the option’ route he effectively gains a no-trade clause, as the Collective Bargaining Agreement does not allow for his Bird rights to be transferred if he picks up the option year, which gives him the right to veto any trade. The Bucks and Jennings continue to talk about a deal, but it’s clear that Milwaukee is not overly interested in a $48-$50 million deal for Jennings and that could create an immovable impasse.”