Brandon Jennings Unhappy With the Bucks’ Trades

by April 04, 2011

This isn’t the first time, and likely not the last, that Jennings has let the media know of his displeasure with the state of things in Milwaukee. The Journal Times reports: “As the Milwaukee Bucks’ deeply-disappointing season comes to a merciful end, their deep-seeded frustrations are starting to surface. After the Bucks were virtually eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoffs in a loss Friday to the Indiana Pacers, Bucks starting point guard Brandon Jennings publicly expressed what many of his teammates had privately felt for months. ‘Some guys have the mind-set of winning on the team and some guys just don’t,’ Jennings said. Jennings then an indirectly took a shot at Bucks general manager John Hammond, assistant general manager Jeff Weltman and coach Scott Skiles, the three biggest personnel decision-makers in the organization next to owner Herb Kohl. ‘We traded a lot of pieces I feel like we should have kept,’ Jennings said. ‘But that’s part of the business and you’ve got to roll with it.'”