Brandon Jennings Unnerved By Trade Rumors

by March 13, 2012

Brandon Jennings’ comments last month about possibly leaving Milwaukee for a bigger market predictably didn’t sit well with the Bucks’ front-office, and as his name gets bandied about in trade rumors, Jennings tells the Journal Sentinel that it’s not a good feeling: “Jennings said he was taking a nap Monday afternoon at the team hotel in New York City when his phone started buzzing constantly. ‘My phone was full with messages and everything,’ the 22-year-old Jennings said. ‘Now we’re in the hunt to make the playoffs; we’re one game out and we’ve been playing so well since the all-star break. Now that I hear my name being mentioned in possible shopping around and stuff like that, my mind is just all over the place right now.” […] ‘But with a trade, there’s nothing you can possibly do about it,’ Jennings said. ‘You won’t hear from the front office. Of course they wouldn’t tell you. The main thing is I’m still able to do what I love and that’s play basketball, at the end of the day. I have no negative thing about it; but my mind is just wandering now. This is where I started my career. It can kind of shake up the team, the fact that we’ve been rolling.’ Jennings is averaging 18.7 points, 5.6 assists and 3.4 rebounds and is the only Bucks player to appear in every game this season.”