Brandon Jennings Using Boxing, Martial Arts to Get Stronger

by July 26, 2011

Brandon Jennings, like many others in the L, is now giving boxing and martial arts a shot to help build strength. The Journal-Sentinel reports: “The Bucks point guard is based in Baltimore this summer with the NBA lockout in full swing and no end in sight. Prior to June 30 and the start of the lockout, Jennings was a regular at the Bucks’ training facility while working with coach Scott Skiles and the team’s staff. ‘I’m just training and just living,’ Jennings said in an interview from New York, where he was doing a couple photo shoots on Monday. ‘The main thing is being consistent and to keep working.’ Jennings said he has dabbled in boxing and martial arts training for the first time. ‘It’s really helping my arms get stronger and my core,’ he said. And on the basketball side, Jennings is working out with former Duke star Jason Williams, whose pro career was sidetracked by a serious injury. Jennings said he is not pursuing any opportunities in Europe at present but is keeping his options open. ‘I feel if it does drag out, any player would consider going overseas,’ Jennings said.”