Brandon Knight: ‘I’m Trying To Work Out Against Kyrie Irving’

With the NBA Draft nearing, top prospects are doing all they can to boost their stock. Former Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight recently recieved some heat for ‘avoiding workouts’ against other top picks, notably Kemba Walker. But Knight put any rumors of fear to rest on Thursday, stating his true pre-draft goal. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

“Knight strongly feels that he ranks among the most talented athletes in a weak draft class. And after being accused during recent weeks of ducking prospects such as ex-Connecticut guard Kemba Walker during pre-draft sessions, Knight revealed his true aspiration. ‘The guy I’m trying to work out against is Kyrie Irving,’ said Knight, referring to the former Duke point guard widely expected to be taken No. 1 overall by Cleveland. The 6-foot-3, 177-pound Knight asserted that he is a true point guard. He attended Kentucky and followed in the footsteps of NBA stars such as John Wall to learn the position. He then attempted to prove during his Jazz workout that he can excel when commanding a professional team. ‘I was working with all the coaches,’ Knight said. ‘It was pick-and-rolls, spot shots, finishing with my left hand. … Pretty much everything.’ He added: ‘I got a pretty good vibe. Everywhere I’ve been has been a pretty good connection with the team and the coaches. I felt good being in this environment.’ Irving’s confidence was clearly apparent during a post-workout interview, as was his often-discussed intelligence. Knight held a 4.3 grade-point average during high school and was praised by Wildcats coach John Calipari, who highlighted Knight’s work ethic and compared him to Jazz legend John Stockton. ‘I go hard,’ Knight said. ‘I try to take my drills serious, and try to focus and make sure I’m hitting shots. And try and pay attention to detail and pay attention to what they tell me to do.'”