Brandon Knight to Push Rip Hamilton Out of Detroit?

According to the Detroit News, the Pistons’ pick of Brandon Knight in the NBA Draft is the latest sign that Rip Hamilton’s days in Motown will soon come to an end: “He’s a good shooter and possesses a fearless attitude that’s only matched by his low-key demeanor and intelligence. Pistons president Joe Dumars said the team would put the ball in his hands and allow him to grow. ‘He has some characteristics we need to add to this team,’ Dumars said. ‘He’s not afraid, wants to take whatever challenge there is.’ Knight wants to be a point guard and hasn’t shied away from the responsibility. Too many times with the Pistons last season, no one wanted to take accountability for what went on on the floor. Knight adds to the logjam in the backcourt with Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum. At times it seemed none was happy with his role or minutes, and the addition of Knight would only seem to complicate matters. However, it gives the Pistons some flexibility to decide what to do with those players, and Dumars made a point to say he’ll continue to add young talent. It wasn’t a shot at Hamilton per se, but it’s no secret Dumars would love to move the Pistons’ all-time leading playoff scorer, who’s on the downside of his career. The Pistons won’t give him away, but they are shopping him.”