Brandon Roy: ‘I’m Happy Playing Basketball Again’

by March 10, 2011

It wasn’t that long ago that Brandon Roy‘s outlook on his NBA career was less than encouraging, but these days, with him feeling good physically and the Blazers winning, things are starting to look up. From The Oregonian: “This,’ Roy said, ‘is exciting for me.’ In truth, Roy is borderline giddy. His knees are not swelling. His body feels great. And above all, he has moved out of the dark place he was in for much of January, when he fretted that his season, and his career, could be ending. During that dark time, he dwelled on certain numbers: The $82 million contract he had just signed. The fact that he was 26 and facing the end of his career. Now, he is fixated on a different number: 16. As in April 16 –the start of the NBA playoffs. ‘Personally, I’m happy playing basketball again,’ said Roy, who missed 30 games from Dec. 16 through Feb. 23. ‘I’m not at a disadvantage. Physically, I felt like I was at a disadvantage. I couldn’t attack because I was hurt. But now, I’m starting to build and build. And knowing that I can be even stronger come April 16 from where I’m at now … I think we can be pretty good.’ He is cautious to say he will ever return to his All-Star form. He has heard too many doctors explain the bone-on-bone condition of his knees to think he will return to the slashing, explosive, game-changing player he was in his first five seasons. But he has embraced the notion of changing his game –’adapting’ he calls it – which includes a different role (off the bench), a different style (more jump shots, less drives) and a different approach (fewer, if any, practices).”