Broken Glass… everywhere

By Sam Rubenstein

Yesterday was a rough one. Here’s the NBA part of this post: KG turned down a trade to Boston, he wants to play for Phoenix, and Lang should have the SLAMMYs later today. I am not able to focus on basketball right now.

Yesterday I went in to work early so I could get some things done and leave by 12:30. Got home to my car, ready to drive to Connecticut and was greeted by this sight. Not cool man. Not cool. Nothing was missing, not even my GPS or the coins for parking. That’s what I get for living too close to where the Nate Robinson streetball cover was shot.

A neighborhood snitch came by and told me he saw what happened. It was a tractor trailer that was too big for the turn. This happened on Tuesday night, so the car was sitting there with no window and the glove compartment wide open for over 24 hours. We don’t know how the glove compartment was opened, but I assume it was someone walking by and reaching in.

I could continue this story and get angrier and angrier. Have you ever driven 75 MPH with saran wrap over your door? It’s terrifying. But that rarely happened on the way up there cause traffic was the worst.

I can not think rationally right now. All I want to do is go to the gym and vent frustrations through physical activity, but I have to find the right auto glass place.

Lang has his pieces of the backboard that Dwight Howard shattered in a high school photo shoot. I have the passenger side of my car. This is the third time something like this has happened to my precious Corolla. One time, someone stole a CD case that contained untold thousands of illegally downloaded MP3s. This isn’t as bad as that, other than the fact that upon discovery I still had to drive 100 miles.

Yesterday I remember thinking hey maybe this will at least be a funny story or I can have a lot of anger and emotion if I choose to write about it, but it’s beyond that point. I am a beaten man. My one week summer vacation starts in 15 days.

The only good news from this whole fiasco is that nobody took the Nets media parking pass pictured here inside the glove compartment, cause just imagine the damage that thing could do in the wrong hands. Okay, time to enter the wonderful world of glass repair. To the anonymous tractor trailer driving coward, I hope you get what’s coming to you. Thanks for not leaving a note and also smashing a tail light and taking the bumper off a jeep around the corner.