Brook Lopez Appreciative of Avery Johnson’s Criticism

by November 23, 2010

Brook can handle the constant heat from his coach; in fact, he welcomes it. From the Star-Ledger: The coach detailed the reasons why Lopez’s rebounding numbers aren’t higher; criticized him for making mistakes in big spots, and called out Lopez and fellow co-captain Devin Harris after the loss in Sacramento, when he said the team needed better leadership from within the locker room. It’s all part of his plan of holding players accountable, Johnson explained Monday after practice at their East Rutherford facility. ‘I think they don’t take (criticism) well when it’s not the truth, or they don’t take it well when you’re in a certain type of angry voice every day, all day,’ Johnson said. Lopez said he doesn’t mind Johnson’s criticisms or his one-on-one video sessions. ‘It’s good,’ Lopez said. ‘It means he cares. Every time I think I’ve improved a little, or covered what he told me to do, he always gives me something new. He just helps me to always improve in every area.’ Lopez acknowledged he had an up-and-down road trip.”