Brook Lopez Says He Lost 15 Pounds

by August 21, 2014

Shedding major weight is the new “Put on 10 pounds of muscle” (word to MUSCLEWATCH™!) Yes, another NBA star reveals that he has gotten considerably slimmer this summer.

Brook Lopez is the latest to get lighter on this feet, as he looks to have a big season. (The Brooklyn Nets center weighed 290 pounds at training camp last year.) Per the NY Post:

“I’m at my playing weight,” Lopez said with a laugh. “I can attribute that to laying in bed for months, but I’m back to the weight that’s normal for me. Last I checked, I was just under 275 [pounds].”


The Nets center said last year’s bigger frame had nothing to do with the fractured fifth metatarsal he suffered in Philadelphia on Dec. 20. […] “I may have been five pounds heavier, but that’s not what injured me,” he said.


“It was great,” Lopez said (after being cleared to start running again). “I was exhausted, but it felt good, and it continues to get [easier].… I feel like I’m in better shape, but the trainers are still pushing me, as well. “I feel like I still have to get more power under my legs in general. I’m not worried about my feet. It’s getting the power back in my lower legs I lost when I had to lie around.”

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