Brook Lopez’s Frustration Mounting

As the Nets focus on developing Eazy Yi, Brook grows more and more frustrated with the state of things in New Jersey: “Asked whether he believes that his opinion might be the most pertinent as they climb out of this train wreck of a season, and whether he might have one of the most important voices in where the organization is going, Lopez replied, ‘I know that. I just don’t know if it’s my place yet.’ Which is why he’s still dodging what is becoming obvious lately: The Nets are starting to neglect his development for the purpose of getting Yi Jianlian going. ‘Yeah, I think it’s just been a tough adjustment having another post guy out there – reading when and where he is, and where I need to be, I guess,’ Lopez said. But he had six shots in 34 minutes against the Bucks. In most cases, that should necessitate a conference with your coach and point guard. ‘I talked to Roy’ Rogers, the assistant coach, Lopez said after a laugh. ‘He just said stay aggressive and post earlier. I don’t know what else to say about it.’ True to form, Lopez (12 points on 6-for-10, eight boards in 34:43) turned down a request to speak after Wednesday night’s 119-89 rollover against the Hawks here, stating, ‘I’ve got nothing to say.’ In short, the Nets had better start thinking about their center’s state of mind. ‘Outwardly, he’s showing it more than anyone else,’ Jarvis Hayes said. ‘But we all feel it.”’