Bulls Already Looking To Get Dwight Howard

by May 28, 2011

by Ryne Nelson

The Chicago Bulls are only a player or two away from being legit title contenders, and their eyes are completely focused on one in particular: Dwight Howard.

Just a day after their elimination loss to the Miami Heat in the Conference Finals, the Bulls began their push to land the most dominant center in the NBA.

ESPN‘s Mike Wilbon mentioned that Chicago is already looking to acquire Howard on Friday’s episode of PTI (podcast link starts at 15:35). The Bulls have a lot of pieces to entice the Magic in a trade, but it could be all for naught if Orlando has its mind set on keeping Howard.

Especially with the uncertainty surrounding the new CBA, the Bulls are getting into themselves into a long process of negotiations, similar to the Melodrama the Knicks endured last season. It’s a dream, but give the Bulls credit for chasing it.