Byron Scott Says Brandon Jennings’ Buzzer-Beater Shouldn’t Count

by November 05, 2012

Brandon Jennings got the benefit of the doubt from the hometown timekeeper on his winning three, or so alleges Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott. Per the Akron Beacon Journal: “Brandon Jennings’ 3-pointer at the buzzer capped a wild finish in a crushing 105-102 loss to the Bucks. Officials reviewed the play to make sure he got the shot off in time, which he did — because the clock didn’t start on time. Jennings caught the ball with 0.7 of a second left on the clock, brought the ball below his waist, left his feet and was at the top of his release point before the clock ever started. The home team provides the clock operator, but an official on the court also controls the clock with a remote attached to his waist. ‘I don’t want to get fined, so I’m not going to say anything about the clock starting late,’ Cavs coach Byron Scott said. ‘They have to figure out a way to do something about that.’ Scott was referring to the tenths on both the shot clock and game clock. ‘The bottom line is it doesn’t count or you take it out again,’ Scott said. ‘Looking at it again in the locker room, the shot shouldn’t have counted.’ Told he might have crossed the line and might receive a fine from the league for criticizing officials, Scott responded ‘then too damn bad.'”