Calm Down, Spain. Rudy’s OK

by March 11, 2009

Much ado about nothing, it turns out: “The Trail Blazers’ lopsided victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, which featured prominent Spanish players Fernandez, Sergio Rodriguez and Pau Gasol, was broadcast live in Spain, meaning Fernandez’s family saw his frightening tumble late in the third quarter. Then they had to labor through the reality that they had no way of reaching him. ‘Everyone was scared and nobody knew what was going to happen,’ Rodriguez said. Rodriguez was able to calm his family with a late-night, good-news phone call from the hospital: The television images were much worse than the actual injuries…’He’s all right, he’s feeling great,’ Rodriguez said. ‘It was more (he was) scared and afraid … The moment after the hit, he couldn’t breathe well. He scared himself. But after that, he was OK.'”