Can Bosh Keep Up With Run&Gun Raptors?

Toronto sure hopes so, burning lungs and all: “It would seem that pushing the ball up the floor, looking for fast-break points as the first option does not feed into Bosh’s strengths. Coach Jay Triano disagrees with that easy perception of his star’s future. ‘I’ve talked to him a little bit more,’ Triano admitted. ‘It’s been hard with him because he’s been (injured). I told (Chris), `Run and play as hard as you can for as long as you can and I’ll get a sub. But don’t try and pace yourself to go 40 minutes because otherwise we’ll be plodding. I thought what he did in New York and was much better on Sunday … shorter minutes in shorter spurts. We keep asking him `How’s your leg?’ He says, `My leg is fine. My lungs are burning.’ He’ll get used to it.’ Triano believes that in a short time Bosh could learn to take advantage of the new up-tempo style and get back to the numbers he had been posting before being hobbled by injury. One 30-point, 15-rebound game could cure all.”