Can the Pistons Make the Playoffs?

The team’s head coach, John Kuester, likes what he sees from the team this summer, and expresses some guarded optimism for the upcoming season. From the Free Press: “A lot of players have been in our gym, and that’s good news,’ coach John Kuester said. ‘hey realize how important they are, and their making adjustments to make themselves better is very important for us. I’ll tell you this, what Tracy has done so far is put in a tremendous amount of time with Arnie. I had a chance to watch him work out, and he was moving extremely well.’ McGrady could be a key offensive component if he’s half the player he was five years ago. ‘One of the things that we see (in McGrady) is a player that had high potential at one time, and he is somebody that is working religiously with Arnie, and that’s so important…’ Kuester said. “McGrady is somebody that can give us a high-risk, high-reward situation.’ The Pistons think they can compete for a sixth, seventh or eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. ‘We want to get back to the old way of doing things, where we’re competing,’ Kuester said. ‘We have a lot of players who are going to be competing in practice, and practice is going to dictate a lot of what is going to go on in the games.'”