Carmelo Anthony Asks Himself ‘Did I Really Make the Right Decision?’

by April 17, 2015

In the end, Carmelo Anthony chose the New York Knicks’ dollars instead of going on a championship run with the Chicago Bulls.

And now, Melo admits that he occasionally has second thoughts about last summer’s fateful decision.

Trooper that he is, though, the 30-year old Anthony says he remains fully invested in the Knicks’ seemingly never-ending rebuilding efforts.

Per the NY Times:

“I try to keep myself away from thinking like that, but as a human being, those thoughts definitely come into play,” he said. “You sit down at night, and you’re thinking, ‘Did I really make the right decision?’ and things like that.”


But things have changed that frame of mind, he said. For instance, Anthony said he was surprised and confused when the team’s president, Phil Jackson, first moved to dismantle the team’s roster, notably sending J. R. Smith and Iman Shumpert to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade. Anthony joked that it was difficult to ever know what Jackson was thinking. He said as he came to understand Jackson’s motives, it was as if smoke had cleared. […] “The moves that he made, once he started explaining to me behind closed doors about what was going on, his thought process behind everything, it started to make sense,” Anthony said. “So I don’t second-guess it.”


A reporter brought up the idea that Jackson’s triangle offense had come under criticism as an outdated system that relied upon midrange jump shots. Anthony agreed that the game was evolving, but he said the offense could work given the right personnel. […] “If this is the system that we’re going to run, then we’re going to run it,” Anthony said. “I don’t think it’s something that will be changed, and we all have to accept that.”