Carmelo Anthony Bringing a Bodyguard for Rematch With Celtics in Boston

Two weeks ago, the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics faced off at MSG, and an epic tiff — that had ridiculous and costly consequences — erupted between Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony. Both men now claim that the beef has been squashed, but Melo isn’t taking any chances with Celtics fans in Beantown who might think about crossing the line. Anthony is taking a bodyguard with him for tonight’s nationally-televised rematch. Per the NY Daily News: “Carmelo Anthony has become public enemy No. 1 in Celtics Nation, which would explain the Knicks All-Star forward being accompanied by his own personal bodyguard as he ventured into hostile territory for Thursday’s game against Kevin Garnett and the Celtics. It is not uncommon for superstar players, Kobe Bryant for example, to have their own security detail. The Knicks employ two security guards that are with the team at all times while Anthony’s bodyguard occasionally travels to road games. […] The reason for the extra security has nothing to do with Anthony possibly crossing paths in the hallways but rather the hostile crowd that awaits him at the Garden. […] The NBA is extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting their players, especially since there are no barriers that separate the basketball court and the team benches from the crowd. During the Knicks’ celebrated playoff series with the Pacers in the 90’s and through the 2000 postseason, the Knicks would request extra security near their bench when the team played in Indianapolis. It is likely that the Knicks asked for a bigger security presence in Boston as well.”