Carmelo Anthony Critical of New All-Star Voting Process

by December 21, 2016

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t like that the NBA is taking some of the fans’ power away when it comes to selecting All-Stars.

Melo says players and the media should have nothing to do with the selection of who starts in the midseason bonanza.

Fans have picked Melo to start in the last eight All-Star games.

Per the NY Post:

“I do think we got to keep the fans engaged,” Anthony said. “It’s what the fans look forward to. I don’t think players should vote for other players. It’s a fan’s game.”


Referring to the media’s votes, Anthony said: “Now you got guys got your power pack. I’d rather leave it up for the fans. That’s why our league is one of the biggest out here because we have some of the best fans.”


Asked if he would vote for himself — as is permitted — Anthony said he certainly would. […] “I don’t see why not. If the president can vote for themselves, why can’t we vote for ourselves?” Anthony said.

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