Carmelo Anthony Happy Phil Jackson Didn’t Speak During Team Meeting

The New York Knicks held a team meeting prior to their Sunday afternoon victory against the visiting Atlanta Hawks, and Phil Jackson didn’t utter a word.

Carmelo Anthony says it’s a good thing the squad’s increasingly out-of-touch team president simply listened to the players and coaches.

One gets the sense that the Zen Master’s days in Gotham are numbered.

Per the NY Daily News:

“He actually just listened this time,” Anthony said, “which is good.”


Anthony has previously made clear his aversion to the triangle and belief that Jackson is longwinded and says, “The first thing that comes to his mind.” That can include the word “posse” and, of course, in-depth lessons on his beloved offense.


As much as Jackson likes to tout his rings as a hall pass to meddling, Anthony preferred the team president kept out of the meeting between coaches and players that lasted about an hour. “There comes a point and time throughout the season where you have to re-evaluate things and step out of the situation, look into the situation, see what you can do better, look in the mirror at each other at yourself and see the things you can improve,” Anthony said. “I thought we did that (Saturday) and (on Sunday). I don’t want to say we won because of the meeting, but you clear the air like that and guys speak out and talk and they don’t have to hold it in. They don’t feel pressured in the open forum. Guys spoke and everybody responded.”

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