Carmelo Anthony: ‘I’m Not Chris Bosh’

If and when ‘Melo leaves the Mile High City, he promises not to leave the way a certain former Raptor did. From the NY Post: “The lines of communication already had been connected almost immediately after the exaggerated trade report surfaced. Ever since the ‘news’ hit the doorstep, Kroenke and Ujiri have sought out Anthony for opinions on team matters, just as he’s gone to them with suggestions. Both sides now know exactly what must be done. He wants to see the team improved within the next three months, or shown a plausible plan to get better this summer. He promises not to leave his team hanging. ‘I’m not Chris Bosh,’ Anthony declared. ‘We’re not the same person. What I do will be straight up. Management knows that.’ Considering Anthony’s tentative Nuggets future, management has an almost impossible assignment. How do you get better when you’ve got to give up an asset to get one? How do you buy a wheel for a car that might soon be repossessed? How do you do balance business and justice when Martin and J.R. Smith are rising free agents and Chauncey Billups can be bought out of next season’s $14.2 million obligation for $3.75 million? The key is not to make hasty decisions. The idea is to see how things play out in the standings over x-amount of games so fantasy can be separated from reality. The hope is to get Martin and Andersen back on the court. If Karl, who’s back holding players accountable, and the two brutes were at the top of their defensive game, would Anthony be tempted to leave?”