Carmelo Anthony Is Weighing His Options

by June 13, 2010

Carmelo Anthony took a different path than his heralded 2003 Draft classmates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade by signing a longer contract and when-actually if– he becomes a free agent next summer don’t expect the same posturing then either. As Anthony told the New York Post:

Though Knicks team president Donnie Walsh has made indications Anthony is on their radar if they fail to strike it rich this summer, the Nuggets superstar said it’s no guarantee he will be a free man come July 1, 2011. Anthony said he would consider signing a contract extension with the Nuggets in the next 12 months, saying a lot depends on the health of cancer-stricken George Karl and Denver’s ability to win.

“It’s an option,” Anthony said of an extension. “All my options are open right now.”

Anthony said he’s different than LeBron James — not curious about getting wooed and wined and dined. Carmelo has been there, done that.

James went straight from high school to the NBA, avoiding the crazed college recruitment that Anthony experienced before starring at Syracuse.

“That’s not what I’m in it for,” said Anthony, who will get married next month. “I’m not in it for the business to be recruited. I got recruited for college. I know how hectic that can be. I’m not out there looking to say I want to test the market. Whatever’s best for me and family, I’ll consider.”

Melo may not need the attention, but if the New York Knicks are looking for another savior next summer, it’ll be there whether he likes it or not.