Report: Carmelo Anthony Might Join CP3, Harden in Houston

Once the Houston Rockets shook the NBA landscape by orchestrating a blockbuster trade for Chris Paul on Wednesday, speculation began about Houston next move.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the CP3-to-Houston trade could clear the way for Carmelo Anthony to join the Rockets (starting at 0:59).

“Chris Paul’s willingness to go to Houston is not just about James Harden. It’s also about the possibility that Carmelo will go there.” […]


“If Carmelo coaxes James Dolan into giving him the buyout, I’m being told that Carmelo may very well go to Houston.


“He and Chris Paul are very tight, and they wouldn’t mind being in Houston with James Harden at all because they believe that kind of firepower is what it’s going to take to knock off the Warriors.”

Carmelo isn’t the only buyout candidate who would be interested in the Rockets.

Banana boat member Dwyane Wade could join Houston’s growing superteam should be receive a buyout from the Bulls. Per Hoopshype:

NBA players around the League had plenty to say about the blockbuster trade.

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