Carmelo Anthony: New York Knicks Should Prepare like the Miami Heat

by February 28, 2012

The biggest lesson Carmelo Anthony took from the Miami Heat’s recent spanking of his Knicks, is how LeBron and company preprare for games. Per Newsday: “Anthony said the Heat showed the Knicks the blueprint for not only how they have to play but the amount of work and concentration they must put into each game. ‘The way that they prepared for our team, for our game, that’s something that I would like to take and bring that back to my team,’ Anthony said after playing in Sunday night’s All-Star Game. ‘Just the preparation that they put into the situation that it worked out.’ The Heat wanted to shut down [Jeremy] Lin and did. Miami ultimately quieted the Knicks on Thursday, too. That game is the only thing Anthony plans to bring into the second half of the season, which starts for the Knicks Wednesday night against Cleveland at the Garden. Anthony hopes to put all the injuries that limited him behind him, along with the talk that he would have to change his game to cater to Lin’s style. He appears focused on what it’s going to take in the final 31 games for the Knicks to reach Miami’s level. ‘It’s crunch time now because it’s time to buckle up, prepare ourselves to get ready for the playoffs or get into the playoffs,’ said Anthony. ‘Win some games and go from there. Get everybody on the same page.'”