Report: Carmelo Anthony Not Interested in Staying with Knicks

by July 18, 2017
carmelo anthony knicks

While the Knicks have temporarily halted trade talks surrounding Carmelo Anthony, Melo is remaining steadfast in his request to join the Rockets.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Melo no longer wants to be reincorporated into the Knicks’ roster (starting at 0:23).

Via SportsCenter:

“Carmelo Anthony has made it clear to [the Knicks]: I want to go to Houston, I am not interested in talking to you about being reincorporated back into this New York roster.” […]


“Houston is now prepared for the fact that these negotiations with the Knicks could run through August, September, into possibly the start of training camp as New York tries to rebuild Melo’s value.”

Knicks Pause Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks