Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Not Worried About Jordan Crawford

by May 02, 2013

Boston Celtics reserve Jordan Crawford appeared to say something derogatory about Carmelo Anthony’s wife at the conclusion of Game 5 last night. Melo wouldn’t give the very talkative Crawford the satisfaction of being baited by the not-so-clever callback to the beef with Kevin Garnett from earlier this season. Per the Boston Globe and NY Daily News: “When asked if he said anything to Anthony, Crawford said, ‘Nah, they was talking to me, baby. They was talking to me. Yeah, they like me. I think it’s that smile I keep carrying. I think we’re playing freely, not thinking as much.’ […] The game ended with guard Raymond Felton stepping into the middle of a heated discussion between a frustrated Anthony and reserve Boston guard Jordan Crawford. Amateur lip-readers across the Internet suggested that it appeared that Crawford made a vulgar comment about Anthony’s wife, in line with a similar remark allegedly made by Kevin Garnett — sending the Knicks’ star into a postgame tizzy — earlier this season. ‘I’m not thinking about Jordan Crawford right now, not at this point, I’ll tell you that,’ Anthony said, nearly an hour after the game ended. ‘I don’t even think he deserves for you to be typing (about him) right now.’ … ‘I told you from Game 1 this wasn’t going to be an easy breeze or a walk in the park,’ Anthony said. ‘Those guys were going to fight. They threw a couple of punches, and now it is time for us to do the same.'”