Carmelo Anthony Says ‘I Know I’m a Winner. I’ve Won Already’

by December 19, 2014

After turning down the Chicago Bulls last summer, and re-signing with the New York Knicks for $124 million over five years, many labeled Carmelo Anthony as a selfish loser.

Anthony hasn’t won big in the L, but his wallet isn’t complaining: Melo has earned more NBA salary than anyone else from his famed 2003 Draft class.

Carmelo is perfectly fine with his career choices, and considers himself a winner on and off the court, regardless of what any cynical critic may claim (or the Knicks’ hideous 5-23 record so far this season.)

Per the WaPo:

Anthony has shielded his son from (his own childhood) anxieties because of his ability to put a basketball through a hoop, but he is now looking to transition into other fields, to build the kind of “generational wealth” that will sustain Kiyan and hopefully Kiyan’s grandchildren. […] “These are the conversations that people I’m around are having,” Anthony said.


“Regardless of what happened, it would all come down to the money. That’s just the life we live. You can’t escape that,” said Anthony, who admits his attitude in previous contracts was “don’t leave no money on the table.”


“At the end of the day, we all know what the goal is, and that’s to win a championship,” Anthony said, “I know that I’m a winner. Even though you might lose some games here or there, I know I’m a winner. I’ve won already. I’ve won off the court and on the court. I’m living the American dream. That’s winning to me. Nobody can say anything about being a loser.”