Carmelo Anthony Says the Knicks Have No Rivalry With the Brooklyn Nets

by August 27, 2012

Once the ’12-13 season is in action and professional basketball teams are hooping it up in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, fans and media will surely attempt to turn the two squads into rivals, creating some kind of Battle For New York storyline that is sure to capture the attention of the NYC masses. Carmelo Anthony isn’t exactly denying the inevitability of all this, but he definitely is pushing it aside for now, claiming the Knicks and Nets have zero rivalry for the time being. Per Newsday: “What the Knicks hope will be a run into June officially begins Nov. 1 at Barclays Center against the Nets. Just don’t call it a rivalry with their crosstown opponent. Not at the moment, anyway. ‘There’s no rivalry between us and Brooklyn right now,’ Anthony said. ‘It starts on that first game. We’ll see what happens with that first game. But as of right now, we are focused on ourselves. We are not really focused on nobody else.'”