Carmelo Anthony ‘Skeptical’ a New CBA Deal Will Happen Before Thursday’s Deadline

by December 11, 2016

For months, the buzz around the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement had been positive. However a new report says that the two sides have hit a snag and Carmelo Anthony, one of the NBPA’s vice presidents, says he is now “skeptical” that a deal can be reached before Thursday, December 15th’s opt out deadline.

From ESPN:

“I’m skeptical of something getting done,” Anthony, vice president of the NBPA, told ESPN after the New York Knicks practiced Saturday in Los Angeles. “Do I think something could happen by the 15th? Yeah, I think something could happen. But I think this kind of put a dent in conversations. We had something so close. We were supposed to have a deal done weeks ago, and for this to happen at the 25th hour is tough.”


Sources told [ESPN] that control over licensing matters and the use of player likenesses has emerged as a significant issue in the latter stages of the labor talks.

LeBron James also chimed in after the Cavs win over Charlotte, saying that the players have “got to stay optimistic:”

“We got to stay optimistic,” LeBron James said after the Cavaliers’ 116-105 win over the Charlotte Hornets. “But obviously, Melo is saying he has some concerns with it. We still got a few days, we still got a few days. Obviously, our game right now is the best it’s ever been, from where it is right here domestically to all the way around the world, so hopefully both sides come to an agreement.”

LeBron James: ‘We’re Very Optimistic’ About New CBA