Carmelo Anthony to Keep Shooting Despite Criticism from Bernard King

by May 07, 2013

New York Knicks legend Bernard King, who happens to be Carmelo Anthony’s childhood hero, posted critical remarks on his Twitter feed (before the account was, of course, shut down). King—who does TV work for the Knicks—seems to think the injured Anthony is forcing things, and should look to involve his teammates more. Melo won’t hear of it, and plans to keep jacking shots up until his touch returns. Per the NY Daily News: “Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is frustrated by a Game 1 loss but not discouraged by criticism that he is shooting the ball too much in recent games. Carmelo Anthony is going to keep hoisting them up, no matter what anyone else says — including former Knick Bernard King. Anthony, who is 35-for-110 from the floor over the past four games (three losses) including a 10-for-28 performance in Sunday’s Game 1 loss to the Pacers, said Monday, ‘I’m going to keep shooting.’ … ‘I feel like the shots I took I can make. Someone else might think differently,’ said Anthony, who is playing with a protective wrapping on his injured left shoulder. ‘Those are shots I can make and I have been making. I’m going to keep shooting… We’ll be a much better team come (Tuesday).’ […] Mike Woodson wasn’t laying the blame for the Game 1 loss at Anthony’s feet. He said the team defensively took ‘a step backward’ and it was often out of position against the taller Pacers, which let to being out-rebounded 44-30. However, Woodson does want to get Anthony going. ‘Some of the shots he’s taking he made early in the year and in the middle of the season and in the playoffs when we first started the run with the Celtics,’ Woodson said. ‘Some of those shots are not falling. We have to find other means for him to score the ball. I have to help him in that area.’ As for his advice for Anthony? ‘Take better shots,’ he added. ‘Sometimes some of the difficult shots you’ve been accustomed to making that you’re not making — you’ve got to figure out a way to get better shots.'”