Carmelo Anthony to Only Sign an Extension in New York?

by December 13, 2010

I suppose it depends which reporter and their so-called “sources” you want to believe when it comes to the latest in the ‘Melo-drama: “Sources have routinely said that Anthony will likely sign the three-year, $65-million extension and then be traded, by the trade deadline, to either New York or New Jersey. Anthony, meanwhile, has been very coy in public. But on Sunday, admitted — in regard to the extension — that ‘whatever decision that I make, that’s the first thing I get done.’ Of course, the Nuggets could decide to trade him to any of the teams in the league. So Anthony was asked: What happens if they trade you to a team you don’t want to play for? ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen,’ Melo said. A source told that Anthony will only sign the three-year, $65-million extension if traded only to the Knicks. But a league source refuted this alleged ultimatum to The Denver Post on Sunday afternoon. Before the game, Nuggets exec Masai Ujiri said of his attachment to Anthony: ‘I have a special relationship with the kid. It’s been a joy. In your mind, you wish it was different, but the situation is what it is. I understand the situation. Yes, I love (Melo) to death and sometimes you wish it was different. But I have to do my job.'”