Carmelo Anthony to Talk to Tyson Chandler About Criticism of Knicks Offense

by May 13, 2013

When approached by the media today for his reaction to Tyson Chandler calling out the New York Knicks for selfish play during an 82-71 Game 3 loss to the Indiana Pacers, Carmelo Anthony said he didn’t know what Tyson was talking about, and that the two would hash it out later. Hmm … Per the NY Post: “After Monday’s early practice, Anthony said, ‘I don’t want to go back and forth with that. I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. But if he feels that way, we’re about to get together right now amongst ourselves and figure that out and get his take and perspective on that comment. We’ll handle that internally and figure it out among ourselves.’’ Anthony said everything looks bad when shots are not falling. […] Head coach Mike Woodson said it’s good Chandler aired the criticism publicly about the offensive flow, saying it is something that sometimes is needed. ‘I don’t get mad at things like that,’ Woodson said. ‘When there’s bickering among each other it’s pretty healthy but I don’t mean to call it bickering. It’s being a good teammate.'”