Carmelo Anthony Welcomes Mike Woodson’s Criticism

Mike Woodson isn’t afraid to criticize star forward Carmelo Anthony, who tells the media that he’s not opposed to it at all. (See: he’s coachable, damnit!) From the NY Post: “There have been occasions when the Knicks will be watching film and Mike Woodson will essentially shred Carmelo Anthony non-stop — a relentless critique of the Knicks star. ‘After the film session, he’ll say, ‘Did you like that?’ Anthony said. ‘It goes hand in hand. But I accept that. Being one of the leaders on this team, you’ve got to be able to accept criticism.’ Anthony said he not only has zero issues with being criticized, but he encourages the interim head coach to dish it out. Is this just public lip service, and the private reality is that Anthony gets unhappy with the disparagement? Could be. But he insists he told Woodson he can handle it. ‘When I’m messing up, he tells me. Even when he got the job, I told him, ‘Just hold me accountable,’ Anthony said. ‘If I’m doing something that he doesn’t like, just tell me. Regardless, I don’t have a problem with criticism. If I can do something to help better this team, let me know. And he’s been doing that.'”