Carmelo Anthony’s Camp Pushing Harder for a Trade?

by September 22, 2010

Melo’s reported “wishlist” remains the same (Knicks or Bulls), but the Nuggets are in no hurry to pull the trigger despite pressure from Anthony’s camp. ESPN reports: Over the last 72 hours, sources said, Anthony’s representatives — headed by agent Leon Rose — have been ramping up the pressure on the Nuggets to complete a deal with the Knicks or the Bulls before training camps open leaguewide next week. Sources say that Denver officials, however, are not inclined to rush into anything … But even as the Nuggets have opted to see what sort of haul can be had for their high-scoring forward, there remains strong sentiment within the organization to slow the process down in hopes of mounting one last campaign to win back Anthony’s support. The Nuggets, sources said, are clinging to the hope that Anthony might reconsider his trade-me stance once he starts hearing some Denver-friendly voices upon reporting to camp after weeks of isolation from the organization. Anthony will be greeted by the likes of head coach George Karl and trusted teammate Chauncey Billups trying to convince the 26-year-old that his current team is not far away from a return to contention in the Western Conference and that the foundation of the group that reached the West finals in 2009 should not be scrapped. Yet sources say that the message from Anthony’s camp to the Nuggets has stayed consistent: New York and Chicago are the preferred landing spots, with New Jersey and Houston also still in the conversation.”