Caron Butler’s Return for the Playoffs ‘Extremely Unlikely’

by April 07, 2011

Rick Carlisle doesn’t expect to see Caron Butler in a Mavs uniform during their first round Playoff series. From ESPN: “Butler, who was averaging 15.0 points and 4.1 rebounds before he got hurt vs. Milwaukee on Jan. 1 and had surgery, will continue his aggressive rehabilitation work in an effort to be able to contribute during the postseason. The Mavs continue to be cautious about that possibility. ‘I can’t give you a medical opinion,’ Carlisle said. ‘My coaching opinion is, his jump shot looks great. He’s doing great and he’s way ahead of schedule. But timetable-wise, I don’t have one. He’s been able to step up his activity moderately, but he’s not running yet or anything like that. It’s extremely unlikely we’ll see him in the first round.'”