Cavs’ ‘Family Portrait’ Pre-Game Routine: Damon Jones’s Idea

by March 25, 2009

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, I suppose: “According to legend, it all began — as many of the team’s old, crazy ideas have — with former Cavaliers guard Damon Jones. A couple years ago, the loquacious guard developed special handshakes with each of his teammates. He’d go through each of them during player announcements, spending the most time on a special, ever-morphing handshake with James just before he went to the scorer’s table to toss up talc. They would pantomime a boxing match, pretend to take pictures of each other, jiggle and dance…Jones went to Milwaukee in a trade over the summer, but the handshakes stayed. And evolved. And improved. And now, each Cavaliers player has his own, distinct gesture.”