Cavs Players Reportedly Doubt Their Problems Can Be Fixed

by January 16, 2018

There is growing concern among Cleveland’s players that the Cavs, as presently constructed, won’t be able to turn their season around and march back into the NBA Finals.

Players, speaking to reporters anonymously, are sounding alarm bells about a team that’s lost four in a row, and eight of its last ten games.

The Cavs were handed an especially demoralizing 118-108 loss Monday night by the visiting Golden State Warriors.


Multiple marquee Cleveland players spoke without attribution to, ESPN, and The Athletic after the loss to the Warriors, and league sources separately spoke to to describe a sullen and dour atmosphere on a team that a few short weeks ago was toasting in Napa, Calif.


Concerns range from a roster (the league’s oldest) that appears ill fit to match up in a seven-game series with the mighty Warriors, who have beaten the Cavs in two of the last three Finals, in seven of the last eight games overall, and are again the NBA’s best team at 36-9.


“I talk to the leader, me and [LeBron James] stay in communication,” Dwyane Wade said. “It’s our job to try to help this group be better. A lot of people are going to look at him, see how his body language is and see how he is.


“I think right now it’s important … it’s not about losing games, it’s not about record, playoff seeding right now, it’s just about playing the game right, it’s about playing the game well, it’s about playing the game together and hopefully it’s all about growing from here.”

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