Cavs: ‘We Are Going to Surprise a Lot of People’

by October 28, 2010

Cleveland certainly kept its promise last night, by winning against the Celtics. And Dan Gilbert says the Cavs won’t be quite as awful as most expect them to be. From the Boston Globe: ‘What we’re trying to do is not really focus on the past,’’ Gilbert said before last night’s 95-87 win over the Celtics. ‘We’re trying to focus our efforts toward the future, and I believe if you do that, good things will happen to you.’ … So when Gilbert addressed the fans in a letter just an hour after ‘The Decision,’ he touched a nerve with those locals who expect bad things to happen. ‘I don’t regret it, and I said that over the last couple of days,’ Gilbert said yesterday. ‘That letter was to the fans. It wasn’t to the player that left. It wasn’t to the rest of the world. It wasn’t to anybody but the fans. I wanted them to understand not only how I felt but the organization.’ … In an Eastern Conference that is top-heavy but shaky following the first five teams, the Cavaliers have a legitimate shot at the playoffs — and, who knows, maybe a first-round matchup with the Heat. ‘We are going to surprise a lot of people,’ [Mo] Williams said. ‘We are going to win games. And this season, we deserve to win games.'”