Celtics Don’t Consider Knicks Rivals

by December 14, 2010

And they’re right, of course. New York’s winning streak is cute and all, but come on, son. ESPN reports: “It’s a rivalry?’ Celtics captain Paul Pierce asked with a big grin. ‘Man, y’all are letting me in on all the new stuff, all the talk. I didn’t know we had a rivalry going.’ With the Knicks, winners of eight straight, playing inspired ball and sitting a mere four games back in the division — about as close an opponent has managed to stay in the Big Three era — the ‘r’ word is being tossed around freely after years of lying dormant … But the Celtics cringe a bit at the suggestion of a rivalry considering it hasn’t been much of one in recent years. ‘I don’t know what it is, this rivalry thing, it hasn’t been one,’ said Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who played for the Knicks from 1993-95. ‘We both were bad for a while. Now we’ve been good for a while. The two teams haven’t exactly matched up for a long time. You know when they do, it will be great.'”