Celtics Held Bucks to a Record Low 56 Points

by March 14, 2011

Boston‘s stifling defense did something historic last night, but the Celtic players and coaches weren’t all that excited about it. From WEEI: “No team in the shot clock era had ever scored a few as the 56 points the Bucks managed Sunday night in an 87-56 Celtics’ win. But the Celtics weren’t exactly popping champagne corks afterward. Asked if he were aware of the new record his team just set, Paul Pierce quipped, ‘No, I didn’t have my NBA record book on the bench with me tonight so I didn’t realize.’ To Pierce and the rest of the Celtics, Sunday night was more about getting back to 48 minutes of quality defensive basketball and not suffering breakdowns and let downs in communication following losses to the Clippers and Sixers … Doc Rivers looked at it a different way. He saw the schedule and took into consideration the hour lost due to daylight savings time and the travel the Bucks went through to get to Boston to play a 6 p.m. game less than 24 hours after beating the Sixers at home. ‘No, honestly, did we set a record? I didn’t know that,’ Rivers said. ‘I really thought this was one of those schedule losses for Milwaukee. I just thought this was very similar to the game we had against Phoenix where you play a game and you lose an hour going backwards and then they lost another hour with the time change, and then we started the game at 6:00. So, I just thought – you looked at the schedule – I was concerned early in the game because we were up 10 and we were blowing layups; we were missing a lot of shots. You could see they were tired. So, we took advantage of that and that was great, but a lot of it had to do with their schedule.'”