Celtics Not Exactly Thrilled About Nate

This isn’t what one would call a very warm welcome. No one in the Celtics’ locker room was screaming “word aaaaappp!” for their new teammate last night: “Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn’t feel the team needed a shake-up after posting a 10-10 record in the last 20 games. ‘I would’ve been fine if we hadn’t … we’ll see whether that’s the right decision or not,’ said Rivers. ‘I like this team, I’ve said it over and over again. I didn’t think we needed to make changes.’ Asked Rajon Rondo about his thoughts on the trade, he first declined, seemingly frustrated. ‘I don’t know, I don’t know,’ said Rondo on whether the team needed to make a trade. “I hope it’s for the best. Eddie House can drop 20, 30 [points off the bench] too. But [the players] don’t make decision, we just play the game.’ As for his relationship with Robinson: ‘We compete. We don’t really see each other, we speak, but I try to kill him every time I play him and I’m sure that’s probably his mentality.’ He did say that Robinson brings ‘energy and he can definitely score the ball in a million different ways. He’s a good defender.”‘