Celtics Not Too Worried About Shaq’s Injury

by April 05, 2011

Doc Rivers doesn’t want to rush O’Neal back into the lineup, but he thinks the calf injury isn’t very serious, and says Shaq could even play this weekend. From the Boston Herald: “As for talk of shutting Shaq down until the postseason, Rivers said, ‘If that’s what it requires. We’re going to do whatever they tell us is required. Other than that, I would love to play him a couple of games. It’s just a calf strain and not that bad, not that severe. He may play at the end of the week; we’re just not sure yet. Eddie (Lacerte, team trainer) and (team physician Dr. Brian) McKeon thought (it’s a) minor injury, not a big deal — except for it’s Shaq, he’s big and he’s 30-whatever (39).’ The coach has said he needs at least one O’Neal, but he’d like a full house of Shaq and Jermaine, with a side order of Nenad Krstic and, of course, the indispensable Glen Davis. ‘When they’re all there, I like them,’ Rivers said. ‘I just want them all to be there. I think they will be; I really do. I don’t know if it’ll be with games played going into it, but if that’s what it is, you’ve just got to deal with that. But I do think they’ll all be there.’ After seeing Shaq make all three of his shots and alter the action under both baskets, the Celtics were reminded of how important he can be. ‘I blinked, and he was gone,’ [Ray] Allen said. ‘And then when I looked at the stats, I was like, he had six points just like that. So his effectiveness was definitely felt out there. I’m glad to see that he’s not doing too poorly with what happened to him.'”