Celtics Suffer Worst Home Playoff Loss Ever

by May 08, 2010

by Ryne Nelson

It was the biggest win of the season for the Cavs… and the biggest loss in history for the Boston Celtics.

What a way to show ’em who’s King.

Game 2, you’ll remember was a humiliation for the Cavs, as the Celtics tied the series 1-1 and seemingly took all the momentum back to Boston with them. But the Cavs turned it around in an epic way, scoring at will on the once pround Boston defense, and finishing with a nearly flawless 124-95 beatdown.

As Gary Dzen of the Boston Globe said, the Cavs’ turnaround was simply unbelievable:

“Even when Cleveland scored 101 points in Game 1, the Celtics held the Cavaliers to 48-percent shooting. In Game 2, a Celtics win, Boston held the Cavs to 86 points on 40-percent shooting. In Game 3, it seemed like the Cavaliers took any shot they wanted.

Cleveland’s 59-percent shooting (it was higher until the bench came in for garbage time) was not just impressive; It was embarrassing for the home team.”

It’s telling when the Cs best statistical performer, Rajon Rondo, also was the Cs biggest offender in the plus/minus (his -28 was the worst on the team). Paul Pierce, who has a $21,513,521 player option next season, looked like he wasn’t worth even $10 million. He hit just 4-15 shots.

Remember just 24 hours ago, when all the momentum seemingly was on Boston’s side? Well, it seems like they gave it all away, and this time, they may never able to recover.