Celtics Thinking of Starting Jeff Green Over Paul Pierce?

by May 13, 2011

Paul Pierce is convinced this Boston Celtics team can make another run at the title next season (health-permitting); meanwhile, his GM Danny Ainge thinks changes to the roster are necessary and inevitable, which might mean it’s time for Pierce to come off the bench, with Jeff Green taking his starter’s minutes. Yikes. From the Boston Globe (via WEEI): “On the future of the team: ‘We need to make changes for sure. I don’t think [the roster is good enough to compete for a title next year]. But having said that that’s my job is to evaluate the reasons why we didn’t play the way we’re capable of playing … We do have a team that next year come playoff time will be a year older and a team like Miami will be in their prime years.’ … On the starting lineup changing: ‘Maybe there’s a change of roles. Maybe Paul comes off the bench, cuts down on his minutes. Maybe we find a way to get Jeff more minutes. His role will expand if he’s back here next year. There’s no question about that … It wouldn’t totally shock me if there’s a change in the starting lineup, but that’s just way too tough to tell.’ On the possibility of trading one of the Big Three: ‘I would have to look into that if a good trade came about.'”