Celtics to Rest Rajon Rondo a While Longer?

by December 08, 2010

As a whole, the team is pretty banged up, but all eyes (especially Doc Rivers‘) are on the floor general sitting on the sidelines in street gear. From the Boston Herald: “At issue is a flare-up in his tender left hamstring, a last-minute issue that forced the Celtics point guard to miss his fourth game to the injury during Sunday’s win in New Jersey, and could force him out of action tonight against Denver. Doc Rivers admitted yesterday that this latest flare-up may necessitate a longer rest for Rondo, who also continues to deal with a painful case of plantar fasciitis. ‘I leave it up to Eddie (Lacerte, the trainer) but (additional rest) may come at some point,’ said the Celtics coach. ‘It’s been suggested already, I can tell you that. The injury scares me, and the foot and the hamstring, which can go from a pull to a tear, and then you’re talking two months. I don’t think it’s any worse than we thought, but a week ago Rondo said I’m over that, and then the next game he booted it a little bit. So who knows?'”