Chandler Parsons Expects Mavs Fans to Boo Him

by November 18, 2016

Chandler Parsons knows boo birds will rain down on him in his return to Dallas tonight, and he doesn’t get it.

Parsons inked a max deal with the Memphis Grizzlies this summer as a free agent, and says Mavericks fans have no reason to hold it against him.

Parsons is perfectly happy with his new team, calling it a “perfect situation”:

“Houston, I get it. I said some stupid stuff on the way out of Houston [after three seasons],” Parsons told ESPN, referring to the boos he gets from Houston Rockets fans every time he returns to the Toyota Center as a visitor. “Dallas, I don’t understand. It’s like getting mad at somebody for getting in a car wreck and breaking their arm. Like, how in the world can you be mad at somebody for getting hurt? It makes no sense. That’s just so wrong to get mad at somebody for getting hurt, like they want to go through the rehab, want to go through the pain, want to go through the misery of not playing. I can never understand that aspect of it.


“So when it comes to Dallas, you’re going to get mad at me because Dirk (Nowitzki) decided to take less money to bring in a really good player and then unfortunately he gets hurt? That’s why you’re mad? Sure, boo.”


Due primarily to concerns about his knee, Dallas did not make Parsons an offer after he declined to exercise his player option, which would have paid him $16 million this season. Parsons told ESPN he would have taken “a lot less” than the maximum to re-sign with the Mavs, but he’s happy he ended up going to the Grizzlies.

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